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Spiral stairs built from aluminum to fit  a specific site.  All welded construction .

Powder coat finish.

Sample pricing with vertical balusters, round cap rail, diamond plate tread surface.  5' diameter, standard 32" square platform, rise of 110",  delivered within 30 miles of Seattle. 


Each spiral stair is custom and pricing will vary.

Adding the deco rails adds $2,500 to the cost.

Left is interior stair with round platform going through round hole in floor.

Stairs and platform set up for wood caps.

The spiral stairs are delivered in one piece, all welded construction.  Built to fit site.

Powder coated textured satin black, satin white or light beige finish.

Diameter choice of customer.

Tread surface choice of customer.

Platform issues solved.   Platforms can be built to irregular size and shape.

Cap rail round or rectangular.

Balusters square or round.

Delivered to site in one piece.

Simply carry into place, stand up and bolt into place.

Right photo brushed stainless.

Deco rails, setup for wood caps.

110" rise, 5' diameter.


The photos to the left show a stair being installed.

Carried and lifted over the fence gate after unloading from our delivery trailer.

Stood up and bolted into place.

40 minutes from arrival on site to completion .

One piece, no scratches, powder coated. 

All aluminum, no rust.

​Wood caps by customer.

Stair built to accept caps.